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Siyata Installs Voyager Devices in 200 Taxis


Siyata Mobile Announces Trading on the OTCQB as Part of Its North American Expansion

Nouveau symbole américain: SYATF


Bonne nouvelle ça! Les produits sont déjà en vente comme on le voit dans les 2 derniers liens.

Siyata Mobile Launches Full Booster Portfolio and Rugged Device at

MONTREAL, QC–(Marketwired - May 24, 2017) - Siyata Mobile Inc. (the “Company” or “Siyata”) (TSX VENTURE: SIM) (OTCQB: SYATF) is pleased to announce that is has launched its full booster portfolio and Uniden® U620 rugged device at features more than a quarter of a million products and a network of more than 300 stores across Canada. The chain offers more products than ever before, including technology, facility and breakroom supplies, furniture, safety supplies, medical supplies, and Print & Marketing services. will sell Siyata’s full range of Uniden® cellular signal booster kits, along with its Uniden® U620 rugged device.

Marc Seelenfreund, CEO of Siyata, stated, “ is a leading e-commerce retailer for cellular products in Canada, and we are excited to partner with them to offer both our booster portfolio, as well as our rugged mobile device.”

In North America, 80% of cellular calls are made indoors, the area with the lowest probability of cellular coverage, leaving approximately 75M homes and commercial buildings experiencing dropped calls, and slow download speeds. Siyata is targeting a very large-scale market of users that experience weak cell phone coverage in buildings, in remote locations where coverage is spotty, or while on the go.

View Siyata’s booster portfolio at here.

The Uniden® U620 is the perfect mobile device partner for use in agriculture, security, construction, mining, forestry and many other industries the Company already targets with its Uniden® connected-vehicle devices. The powerful, multi-functional cellular phone by Uniden® is based on an Android operating system, with all the features expected in an ultra-rugged device, plus the ability to support the leading Push-to-Talk software options for instant communication.

View the Uniden® U620 at here.


Siyata Mobile Posts Record Quarter of $4.9M in Revenue, Positive EBITDA and Increase in Gross Margins, Hosting Conference Call


  • Q1 2017 revenue of ~$4.9MM versus ~$2.7MM in Q1 2016, an ~80% increase in sales over Q1 2016

  • Adjusted EDITBA of $163K for Q1 2017 versus $28K for Q1 2016, a 482% increase over Q1 2016

  • North American sales of $927K in Q1 2017 versus $42K in Q1 2016, due to Signifi acquisition and increasing dealership and sales channels

  • Gross margin for Q1 was $1,321K (27% of Sales) versus Q1 2016 gross margin of $575K (21.1% of Sales), a 130% increase over Q1 2016

  • $8.2M in working capital as of March 31, 2017.


Notes de l’appel conférence de ce matin:

  • La répartition des ventes dans le trimestre était environ celle-ci: 20% boosters / 40% rugged phones / 40% truck devices
  • Les ventes de $927k en Amérique du Nord étaient principalement des boosters, grâce à l’acquisition de Signifi l’année dernière.
  • L’appareil 4G récemment lancé (Uniden U350) devrait aider à croître les ventes en Amérique du Nord.
  • Siyata est en discussions avancées avec des opérateurs cellulaires Tier1 autant aux États-Unis qu’au Canada et espère pouvoir annoncer une entente dans la 2e moitié de 2017.
  • Par la suite, il y a un processus d’approbation des appareils d’environ 6 mois avec chaque opérateur. Le but est de lancer officiellement et de commencer à générer des ventes via ce canal de distribution au T1 2018.
  • Le U350 a été conçu pour fonctionner avec tous les opérateurs majeurs en Amérique du Nord. Lorsque l’appareil sera approuvé par au moins 1 opérateur, les autres pourraient suivre assez rapidement.
  • Pour Firstnet (le nouveau réseau pour les premiers répondants qui sera construit aux USA), il y a 3 joueurs majeurs qui compétionneront afin d’obtenir le contrat pour le volet logiciel du projet. Siyata est en discussions très avancées avec chacun de ces 3 joueurs afin de s’intégrer dans ce projet.


Ça bouge sur du gros volume aujourd’hui. C’est beau c’est beau


Siyata Mobile Signs Vendor Agreement and Receives First PO From Leading Global Two-way Radio Vendor

La description ressemble à Motorola, ça pourrait être assez significatif si c’est le cas.


Entrevue de Marc Seelenfreund avec Capital Ideas TV:


Siyata fait partie des top3 picks de paradigm capital pour q3 2017


17 juillet, le placement privé va rentrer dans le marché. Ce sera un bon point d’entrée, le titre risque d’être oversold.


Siyata Mobile Reports Revenue of $5.2M in Q2 2017, a 150% Increase Over Q2 2016 and 4th Consecutive Quarter of Record Sales


Wise news release is wise, ou comment timer une bonne nouvelle avec le placement privé qui entre dans le marché:
Siyata Mobile Launches Tablet/DVR Connected Vehicle 4G Device


Siyata Mobile Partners With Nexar, the World’s First Vehicle-to-Vehicle Network


Siyata Mobile Begins Device Approval for its Uniden® UV350 with a U.S. Tier 1 Cellular Operator

Ceci représente selon moi une étape très importante pour Siyata. De mémoire, il me semble que le processus de validation est d’une durée d’environ 6 mois. Si l’appareil est approuvé, c’est un canal de distribution énorme qui s’ouvre pour Siyata.

Un peu plus de 4 mois après que nous ayons profilé l’entreprise, beaucoup de développements positifs se sont produits: croissance importante des revenus, lancement de l’appareil UV350, processus d’approbation avec un opérateur majeur aux États-Unis.

Divulgation: Je détiens toujours ma position complète achetée dans le placement privé en mars.


Courriel reçu ce matin de la part de Arlen Hansen (responsable des relations aux investisseurs pour Siyata):

This is beginning of the largest opportunity the company has brought to the table representing a multi-hundred million dollar sales opportunity. It is meant to leverage the 12M commercial fleets and vehicles that are converting from traditional two-way radio (LMR), to cellular based solutions capable of Push-To-Talk over cellular (PoC) and other smart applications for fleet management (See Nexar partnership with Siyata).

Device Approval is the Tier 1 operator beginning its technical due diligence on the UV350 device itself, ensuring that it complies to North American and specific operator technical requirements before introducing the device to its network, marketing and sales channels. The Holy Grail.

Commencing device approval is the majority of the battle to get into an operators network as you need to demonstrate that it’s unique (cannot be replicated by what they already sell), and has a very large market opportunity, to increase the operators bottom line (must move the revenue needle).

Here is what Paradigm Analyst Daniel Kim, thinks of this market opportunity.

"First, with this carrier’s 4M commercial vehicles. Assuming a relatively small percent convert per year, for example 100K (2.5% of total), would imply $100M in potential revenue which we estimate would generate $20-25M in EBITDA. This conversion rate implies SIM would generate this amount every year for the next 40 years. Using our same 12x EBITDA multiple implies an incremental $2.75/sh to our target price. Recall this is with one carrier and total opportunity in North America is 15M commercial vehicles (12M in the U.S. and 3M in Canada). ”

Daniel layers this on top of two recently announced and advanced opportunities.

“Recently announced “global 2-way radio vendor” could potentially rep $100M over next 18 months. SIM will provide this vendor with both its rugged devices and commercial vehicle devices ?with PoC (push-to-talk-over-cellular) capabilities to the vendor’s enterprise and government customers. Recall SIM has an agreement with PoC vendor Kodiak who is very strong in the carrier channel, therefore this new deal provides a complementary channel for SIM. Also recall in May, Motorola Solutions (MSI, NR) announced it will be acquiring Kodiak.”

“Layer on FirstNet deployment, which AT&T is beginning deployments this year with bigger volumes next year. This will represent tens of millions per year for next decade. Potential for a rapid deployment of 1M first responder vehicle, represents a $800-$1B opportunity to SIM. SIM has partnered with the leading push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC) vendors to monetize this market.”

Siyata has been through this process successfully in the past with other devices and other operators and anticipate the process to take 6 to 9 months. Assuming the company is successful, it opens the floodgates for hardware sales, margins, profits and large recurring revenue partnerships like the recently announced Nexar deal in 2018 and beyond.

As the 24th of July represents the two-year anniversary of closing the financing related to the RTO transaction, a large amount of warrants and brokers warrants have been exercised the and if not will expire today which we believe will relieve the selling pressure on the stock in the mid $0.60s.

The company is very well funded (number to be updated Tuesday), with no debt and Marc starts his institutional marketing this week with various brokerage houses in Canada and the U.S.


Top pick de Bruce Campbell 43:24


Siyata Mobile Receives $3.9MM from Exercise of Warrants

Les bons de souscription à $0.60 qui expiraient au début de cette semaine créaient une pression négative sur le titre mais ce n’est plus le cas maintenant.

Également, c’est positif de voir qu’autant de bons de souscription ont été exercés alors que le titre se transigeait seulement légèrement au dessus du prix d’exercice.


Je n’ai pas réussi à trouver l’information suivante :

Dans le dernier PP, SIM se réserve le droit d’accélérer l’expiration des warrants si l’action fait 10 jours d’affilés à 0.70$.

C’est quoi les règles dans ce temps la ? Après ce 10 jours, ça serait environ combien de temps l’expiration ?


Généralement c’est 30 jours.


Siyata Mobile Opens New Market Opportunity in France