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Operators with Collective 68,000 Miles of Pipeline Start OneSoft Pilots

Bien que OneSoft ait amélioré son modèle de revenus au cours des derniers mois, si on y va avec la règle du pouce très conservatrice de 80$/année/mile de pipeline, ça donne une opportunité de 5,4 millions $ en revenus récurrents annuels. Avec l’ajout de Polaris, il s’agit selon moi d’une opportunité bien au-delà de 10 millions $ par année si OneSoft arrive à transformer ces projet-pilotes en client réguliers.


Dans la dernière année, les projets-pilotes se sont tous transformer en clients réguliers, c’est de bonne augure!


Fortune 500 Company Becomes First Commercial Client for OneSofts New CIM 3.0 (Polaris) SaaS Solution

Edmonton, Alberta (FSCwire) - OneSoft Solutions Inc. (the Company or OneSoft) (TSX-V:OSS; OTC:OSSIF) is pleased to announce that its wholly owned operating subsidiary, OneBridge Solutions Inc. (OneBridge), has entered into its first commercial use agreement for its next iteration of Cognitive Integrity ManagementTM software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, which has been under development (codenamed Polaris) since early 2018 (CIM 3.0). The Client, a U.S.A. - based Fortune 500 company, participated as a private preview user of the beta version of Polaris during its development phase and has now contracted to utilize the commercial version of CIM 3.0 on a multi-year basis.

We are very pleased with our progress on the Polaris, now renamed CIM 3.0, development sprint stated CTO Brandon Taylor. Our initial goal was to develop a sufficiently comprehensive solution to enable our private preview users to replace their current integrity management systems with CIM 3.0 and that objective has been met. We are continuing to work with the other private preview participants who we anticipate over the next few months will adopt CIM 3.0 for long-term use, after which the solution will be commercially released to market for global use.

OneBridge President Tim Edward added. CIM 3.0 is designed to provide full cradle-to-grave functionality that oil and gas companies require to manage their pipeline infrastructure, including data and integrity management, predictive analytics, threat detection and monitoring, operational logistics, regulatory compliance and advanced business intelligence. We are very appreciative of the valuable contributions that have been made by both Phillips 66 and the Client, as well as the third private preview participant of the Polaris/CIM 3.0 project, by providing their input and feedback as beta users of the software, as weve worked through the development sprint.


Le communiqué de presse complet: Fortune 500 Company Becomes First Commercial Client for OneSoft’s New CIM 3.0 (Polaris) SaaS Solution

Historical revenues have equated to approximately $100 per data/mile of pipeline processed – i.e., OneBridge processed approximately 10,000 pipeline data/miles during the last fiscal year ending February 28, 2018, and recorded $1 million of revenue. We expect this revenue metric may increase in the future, after we commercialize CIM 3.0 and add more functionality to our solutions.

We believe we will need to engage customers operating approximately 40,000 data/miles in aggregate to achieve cash break even operations. Currently we have 2 signed, multi-year commercial clients who collectively operate 19,000 miles; 9 companies with whom software trials are currently underway who collectively operate 130,000 miles; and 8 companies who are in various stages of considering software trials who collectively operate 103,000 miles.

Assez impressionnant de voir qu’il y a 9 clients en projet-pilote actuellement, ce qui représente une opportunité d’au moins 13 millions $ de revenus récurrents annuellement pour OneSoft.


EDMONTON, AB / ACCESSWIRE / October 18, 2018 / OneSoft Solutions Inc. (the “Company” or “OneSoft”) (TSX-V: OSS; OTCQB: OSSIF) is pleased to announce that its wholly owned operating subsidiary, OneBridge Solutions Inc. (“OneBridge”), has reached a major milestone in releasing its next iteration of Cognitive Integrity ManagementTM software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) solution (“CIM 3.0”) for general commercial use. CIM 3.0 (previously codenamed Polaris) now allows oil and gas operators to manage the entire integrity management life cycles for their pipeline system in a SaaS solution based on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. On September 24th, 2018 we announced our first commercial deployment for CIM 3.0 with a Fortune 500 customer and we currently have numerous software trials in progress with pipeline operators who we anticipate will adopt the solution for long-term use.

“We believe this milestone positions OneBridge as the pipeline industry’s leader of integrity management software. Our product team incorporated intellectual property we acquired from Phillips 66 and collaborated with our private preview users to ensure that CIM 3.0 will be applicable to oil and gas pipeline operators of any size, from small companies to industry super majors,” said CTO Brandon Taylor. “CIM 3.0 significantly advances the digital transformation process for the pipeline industry. Operators can leverage modern cloud technology to identify regulatory compliant conditions and produce real-time business intelligence at the push of a button. More importantly, CIM 3.0 now provides an expanded foundation that enables OneBridge to evolve our mission of predicting pipeline failures to save lives and protect the environment.”

OneBridge President Tim Edward added, “CIM 3.0 represents a transformational advancement that many industry experts have held for the past 25 years. The fact that CIM only needs a few hours to analyze 100% of a pipeline operator’s inline inspection data - independent of tool vendor and the countless legacy technologies used over the past few decades - is unprecedented. We sincerely acknowledge and thank those operators in our private preview programs that provided the data and feedback needed to evolve our solutions. Their subject matter expertise has been highly valuable in CIM 3.0’s development and will continue to assist us to prioritize features for future software enhancements, which we expect to update approximately every two weeks.”

About Cognitive Integrity Management 3.0

OneBridge has been working with Phillips 66 and two other pipeline operators in a private preview program and other operators through pilot programs to develop CIM 3.0 (codenamed “Polaris”), an advanced pipeline integrity management solution for industry operators, by migrating functionality from Phillips 66’s PT-DMS internally-developed software applications to a cloud-based SaaS solution the embeds OneBridge Machine Learning, Data Science and CIM 2.0 functionality. CIM 3.0 is designed to address four major areas of functionality additional to what CIM 2.0 provides: (1) assessment planning, including enterprise level planning, scheduling and business intelligence; (2) integrity compliance, wherein internal company policy and regulatory compliance conditions for CFR 192 & 195 can be addressed with the push of a button; (3) threat monitoring, for which actionable workflow and job information for every threat is identified; and (4) business intelligence, comprised of data analytics, SQL reporting, embedded user experience using 3D visualizations, dashboards with filtering, and natural query language capability.


OneSoft Solutions Inc. Reports Results for the Three and Six months ended August 31, 2018 - Brandon Taylor Appointed President & Chief Operating Officer


OneSoft Solutions Inc.’s Subsidiary Wins Prestigious ASTech Foundation Award

OneBridge was selected from three finalists in the Energy and Environmental Innovation category, and was awarded this top honor, along with a $10,000 cash stipend, at ASTech’s 29th annual NextGen Innovators Showcase ceremony held on October 26, 2018.

Wouhou, gain de 0,0001$ par action! :smile: