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In short, the company is in the business of Mobile Device Management and Browser Security. Essentially, Moseda has created a mobile device tracking platform with state of the art security features attached.While the technology can be used in many industries, Moseda supports applications in the oil & gas, Logistics, and Healthcare industries. The company started with a focus on Logistics, and slowly moved the focus to Healthcare.

In my opinion, Moseda’s current management has demonstrated great business intelligence and agility in this switch of focus. This of course does not diminish any of the milestones reached in the Logistics industry.

In fact, Moseda continues to maximize the value of such assets through the pursuit of potential partnerships and/or acquisitions.

It is important to note that the last raise completed in April 2015 was at 20 cents with a ½ warrant at 35 cents. At which point, the main focus was still the Logistics industry, which in my opinion is really a fraction of the size of the potential Healthcare market that Moseda is targeting.

Following, I will focus on the Healthcare industry applications or ‘Smart Health Solutions’.

Smart Health Solutions:

Anyone that has recently visited a hospital in Canada knows that there is a clear mandate to eliminate all paper records and to make the move to maintaining all patient records digitally. Additionally, digitizing patient records comes with a need for increased efficiency and automation of many tasks performed in the healthcare industry.

The company is essentially taking the old healthcare model of managing tasks manually and recording patient’s data (tests, vital signs, etc.) using pen and paper to a an automated model that allows data to be placed on a mobile device in a secure manner through data encryption. The data is stored on the cloud and is only accessed by authorized personal. This in turn allows hospitals or other patient care facilities to reduce hours spent by healthcare practitioners performing their daily tasks, leading to increased staff productivity and significant cost savings. The model will be expanded further over the next few months to key segments such as home care patients.

In summary, amongst many other applications, Moseda’s software does the following: a) improves the efficiency of healthcare professionals by managing their tasks and providing them with necessary reminders and alerts, b) communicates directly with wireless medical devises with no manual intervention (thus eliminating potential human error in reading the information or manually transferring the readings from paper), and c) maintains all this data on the cloud in a secure manner.

To read more, please check the Company’s link below:

The applications of Moseda’s software in the Healthcare industry can be summarized in the following points:

Mobile Application
Secure digital patient record keeping
Access to records from anywhere
Comprehensive analytical health charts
Send, receive, and store files securely
Digital Health Records
Review historic patient health record
Record notes on patient health performance
Collect assessment tests from patients
Monitor patient data charts and diagrams
Task Management
Schedule and assign tasks
Monitor patient health status in real-time
Send & receive patient notifications and alerts
Capture patient data digitally on-the-go
Connected Wearables
Instant readings from wearable devices
Measure blood pressure, blood oxygen,blood sugar, body weight, bone mass, etc.
Automatic data upload to patient records (no manual data input required)

  • For another illustration of the Moseda’s Healthcare business, see below what Chris Parry wrote: “ Picture this: You run a hospital. You’ve got 5,000 expensive pieces of hardware, 50 staff, and 300 patients. None of those pieces of hardware talk to each other. The staff use cutting edge technology to take a reading of a patient’s vital signs, then they copy the data onto a clipboard, walk around with it all day, then type it into a computer system later. Maybe. But then there’s an emergency in room 302 – your people need a machine that goes bing but, crap, they’re all in use. There’s got to be another one somewhere in the building, but where? Someone call a technician… wait, where’s my cell phone? Does anyone know what this guy’s blood sugar levels have been all week? Anyone?Okay, so maybe I’m being dramatic here, but the health care system is dumb. Machines don’t talk, information is shared in a manner that was old school in the early 70’s, equipment goes missing, or misses a maintenance update, and staff are constantly doing busy work that could – and should – be done automatically, quickly, and securely by networked hardware.Moseda is the link that attaches to those devices and passes information to where it needs to be, making it accessible where needed, making device trackable, making staff more efficient, and saving ridiculous amounts of money for the health care providers. “

To read more see full article on stockhouse:

Revenue Drivers:

  1. Monthly Subsription / $5 - $15 per month per patientStandard SmartCare software license to manage patient health performance in long-term and home care environments
  2. Video Consultation / 10% of consultation feeCustom SmartCare video platform to facilitate remote doctor - patient consultations average 20 minute doctor consultation fee = $50
  3. Hardware / 10% profit marginSmartCare - approved hardware incl. smartphones, tablets, blood pressure monitor, weigh scale, wristband, oximeter, among others prices range between $50 - $600 CAD
  4. Other (see below) / Blue Sky potential While device sales will generate the largest initial revenue, the monthly subscription will provide recurring cash flows on a medium and long-term basis.

Another revenue stream that will be very valuable when Moseda hits the 20-25k patient mark is the sale of patient statistics and data (aggregated information with no personal information attached) to interested parties such as insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, and HMOs. Essentially, think of any insurance Company in the world, they all need such data to do their actuarial analysis to determine insurance premiums. This type of information is very valuable to many companies and has no cost attached (100% profit margin).

This in my opinion is where the blue sky is. Share Structure, Burn rate, and Financials Situation:The Company went public a few months back with a financing at 20 cents (8.5M valuation) and did not fair well in the market, thus its trading below 15 cents now (6.2M valuation), making it an even better entry for us. The Company has 42M shares, 16% are owned by the CEO and 14% are with family and close friends. We have also locked up another 12% of the float upon taking this mandate, leaving less than 25M as the real float for the public.

In our opinion Moseda is on the cusp of securing key contracts with healthcare providers in Canada and the US.
We also think that with the growth of home patients and home care in NA, the first revenue stream, could be a substantial driver to both revenue and valuation.

From a cost standpoint, the company is pretty lean and currently has a low monthly burn rate of c. 60K CAD.

The Company’s balance sheet is relatively healthy and will likely get another 1M dollars in the 20-cent range this fall. This financing will be done just as an extra cushion and will not be needed to achieve the short and medium term milestones.

Also, the CEO is dedicated to the company 24/7 and is constantly expanding the product offering and capabilities based on discussions with potential customers and industry leaders. His background is mainly in mobile security, which will be the main differentiator and key success factor for Moseda in an industry that puts tremendous value on patient confidentially and information security.

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Mackie Research Capital Corporation

Mackie Research Capital is one of Canada’s largest independent full service investment firms, and proudly traces its roots back to 1921. We are privately owned by many of our 350 employees. As a fully integrated national investment dealer, we offer a full complement of capital markets and wealth management services to private clients, institutions and growth companies.

1M+ en volume aujourd’hui. D’après mes infos, le PP pourrait fermer d’ici Vendredi ou en début de semaine prochaine au plus tard. Et Mackie continue d’accumuler, un autre 100 000$ aujourd’hui !

Petit update de Chris Parry

NEXT UP: Moseda Technologies (TSXV:MSD, Forum), a mobile security and tracking platform that would take far too long to explain, so instead I’ll link you to where I did just that: LINK

Moseda was a typical startup-to-public deal; promising technology, lots of potential to scale, but a management team that were new to the markets and the need to feed investor sentiment with news.

The company has been wrestled to the ground now by a who’s who of Vancouver promoters, consultants and financiers who have freed CEO Nick Murray to focus on the product while they get stuck in on the sales and IR side.

The result? $0.07 to $0.23 since August 1.

I’ve already got a stake – I bought in at $0.11 after posting a story warning that it was likely to start jumping, and it’s done exactly that. Consistent buying, still no news but I suspect those looking to scale the company are quietly building their positions at present and don’t exactly want to alert the markets to what they’re doing just yet.

Thankfully, that’s my job.

Moseda is up 300% in a month – that’s Act I. Acts II and III are yet to start. Their plan is to make this company a big deal in the tech space and the product promises to do exactly that, starting in the red hot health sector. I think it’s a good deal all the way up to $0.50, and will be adding to my position tomorrow morning at the current mark of $0.22.

MSD est en tête du volume sur le TSX-V. Nouveau haut 52sem à 0.25$.

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Mackie gobe un autre 65K$ aujourd’hui

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MSD a fait un nouveau haut 52sem aujourd’hui à 0.28$ sur 2.2M de volume et a fini la journée à 0.27$. Très content de mon achat de 150K à 0.21$ il y a moins de 2 semaines. Reste plus qu’à annoncer les contrats et nous sommes en business.

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Moseda Technologies Inc. Announces TSX Venture Exchange Conditional Acceptance V.MSD | 51 minutes ago VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwired - Sept. 16, 2015) - Moseda Technologies Inc. (TSX VENTURE:MSD) (“Moseda” or the “Company”), a technology company focused on developing best in class institutional and home health care solutions and fleet management solutions, is pleased to announce that the TSX Venture Exchange (the “TSXV”) has confirmed its conditional acceptance of the private placement announced August 31, 2015. The Company anticipates the private placement will be oversubscribed. As a result, the Company expects to close the private placement on or about September 30, 2015.

PP oversubscribed de 50%.

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