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J’aime le plan d’affaires de la compagnie, mais la compétition reste féroce dans le marché des imprimantes 3D. Leur produit phare date de 2014 et la compagnie opère sur un petit budget… Perso, je veux voir des résultats tangibles (revenus en hausse, profits) avant de réinvestir dans Tinkerine.


Q2 2017 Financial Highlights
• Sales revenue decrease by 4.5% to $266,276 in Q2 2017 versus $278,710 to a year ago.
• EBITDA improved to ($28,989) in Q2 2017 compared to ($158,019) in Q2 2016.
• An improvement of 145% in the quarterly net cash from operating activities of $136,457 in
Q2 2017 versus deficit of $302,597 in Q2 2016.

Un trimestre correct en considérant que ce n’est pas la période où il y a beaucoup d’achats dans le secteur de l’éducation. Ils ont également réussi à diminuer leur perte de 150 000 $ comparativement au Q2 2016 en réduisant les dépenses. Les deux prochains trimestres devraient donner une bonne idée de ce que nous pouvons nous attendre de la société.

Ils ont également réussi à augmenter l’encaisse.


Les résultats sont sortis hier soir sur SEDAR. Bon trimestre dans l’ensemble en plus d’être cash-flow positif.

Q3 2017 Overview and Highlights The Company’s principal business is the design, manufacture and distribution of 3D printers, software and related online educational content. It is also the exclusive supplier of the filament that is used in the printer

  • Q3 2017 revenue of $203,489 was 24.1% higher than the Q3 2016 revenue of $163,929.

  • Revenue for the 9 months ended September 30, 2017 of $636,612 is up 3.6% % to a year ago from $614,612. In analyzing the revenue, the growth is attributed to the additional focus on educational organizations in Canada.

  • Tinkerine’s sales strategy to grow the revenue, has been to focus on building partnerships with educational organizations that offer 3D printing as part of their curriculum and support these organizations through TinkerineU.

  • In the first 9 months of 2017 revenue of $636,612, was derived by geographic segment as follows: Canada – $424,819, United States – $181,418 and Other - $30,375 versus geographic segmented sales in the first 9 months in 2016 of Canada – $395,636, United States – $188,988 and Other – $29,704. While the Canadian market increased year over year by 7.4%, both the US market and the Other market generated a combined lower revenue of $211,793 versus $218,692 in 2016, a reduction of 3.2%. This difference is due to the year over year strengthening of the Canadian dollar against the US dollar.

  • The new Tinkerine U platform was launched in July 2016 and the company is utilizing this platform for part of the sales, marketing and education initiatives

Q3 earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization, foreign exchange gains and losses and stockbased compensation (EBITDA) improved to a loss of $78,946 from a loss of $140,717 in Q3 2016.

The Company’s net loss for Q3 2017 was $31,159 compared to the net loss of $172,284 in Q3 2016, was an improvement of $141,125. This improvement is attributable partly to the increase in sales, as well as the implemented cost measures to decrease our controllable expenses and our total cash expenses to approximately $162,631 in Q3 2017 from $208,523 in Q3 2016, a decrease of $45,892.

Q3 2017 Financial Highlights

  • 24% increase in sales revenue to a year ago.

  • 56% decrease in expenses.

  • 44% increase in EBITDA in Q3 2017 to loss of $78,946 from a loss of $140,717 in Q3 2016.

  • Working capital decreased in Q3 2017 to $194,854 from $539,347 in Q3 2016

  • An improvement of 142% in the quarterly net cash provided from operating activities of $176,637 in Q3 2017 versus cash deficit of $418,710 in Q3 2016.


Tinkerine to provide 3-D printing courses to SSC pupils

2018-08-22 08:59 ET - News Release

Mr. Dean Stuart reports


Tinkerine Studios Ltd. has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Sprott Shaw College (SSC) to provide a 3-D printing curriculum and certificate to students enrolled at SSC and introduce students to 3-D printing through workshops and courses. Tinkerine and SSC will deliver agreed content and curriculum to potential students and market, recruit and admit qualified students to the jointly run program.

“We are extremely excited about the collaboration and the opportunity to work with SCC to deliver a 3D printing program that will equip students of today with 21 century skill and getting them equip for the jobs of the future.” stated Tinkerine CEO Eugene Suyu

SSC was founded in 1903, has 16 campuses across the province of British Columbia, and trains over 4500 students each year. SSC offers accredited, relevant, respected education and training delivered in a modern way. During the past century, SSC has built a solid reputation with both the private sector and government, not only based on training excellence, but also on SSC graduates’ enviable record of securing successful jobs after training.

Sprott Shaw College website:

Patrick Dang, President - International Division of SSC, noted, “We are delighted to be delivering the Tinkerine 3D project and have no doubt this will bring Sprott Shaw graduates in line with this modern-day printing technology”

Tinkerine delivers 3D printing solutions focused on the education sector and continues to identify partners aimed at increasing students and professionals understanding of 3D printing.

About Tinkerine

Our mission is to provide a foundational understanding about Applied Creativity driven by 3D printing. Our ecosystem of 3D printing products and educational resources equips future generations with the innovative tools and products to stay ahead in a fast-paced, tech-driven world. Tinkerine enables the curious to convert creative ideas into the tangible and the unimaginable.