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J’ai discuté avec le management, voici ce qu’il avait à me dire concernant la dispute :

The dispute revolves around the other party believing that the inventory was on consignment, due to certain conversations between their sales personal and ours. Our sales person leading this transaction has since been removed from the company because of the severity of the issue. Prior to us shipping this large order to the distributor, they had proven to us their ability to pay in a previous order and has paid in a timely manner with cash and carry. Because this order was larger in size we had originally negotiated a NET30 term, in which we later extended to NET60 to give them more flexibility. It isn’t until we started collecting for the amount that we found out about the conversation between the sales persons.

I’ve been leading the discussions with them since December to figure out how we can move the parties forward. However, they responded that they wanted to hold this inventory and had changed their story to holding this inventory on consignment from the beginning of the transaction. We then decided that it was best for us to have the inventory on hand allowing us to move faster and not need additional capital injection to build units knowing at any point they could send these units back if they felt it was consignment basis.

Lorsque je lui ai demandé si cet événement pouvait avoir un impact sur le long terme, il a répondu :

This is most definitely a big setback and an oversight by the team and I take full responsibility for not asking tougher questions before and during the transaction. In the long term for the company, I believe this is one of the growing pains that the company will face. However, it has made us aware of the necessity to ask tough questions and implement processes that prevent this from happening in the future. Would it have impact? in the short term I believe so,and I would be foolish to say it wouldn’t. But as we move this company forward with the execution and strategies that we have I feel that this would be one of the key moments in our companies history that helped us steer it in the right direction to build better infrastructure in the wake of the event.

Je crois que c’est une très mauvaise nouvelle. Cependant, la base reste la même et je crois qu’ils continuent à exécuter le plan qu’ils ont depuis 2 ans.


@simonfisc J’suis pas sûr de comprendre parfaitement ce qui s’est passé entre Tinkerine et le distributeur en question :confused:


Une mésentente avec un distributeur sur le contrat de vente. Tinkerine avait constaté une vente lors du shipping des marchandises aux distributeurs et il attendait depuis d’être payé. Par contre, le distributeur qui détenait les stocks de Tinkerine dans son entrepôt, ''croyait ‘’ que ceux-ci était en consignation. La différence est que des stocks qui sont en consignation appartiennent toujours en substance à Tinkerine. Donc, tant et aussi longtemps qu’ils ne sont pas réellement vendus par le distributeur à une autre entité, les stocks appartiennent à Tinkerine et doivent être dans leur livre. Par la suite, le distributeur voulait également conserver les stocks dans leur entrepôt pour les vendre ,mais Tinkerine préférait les rapatrier pour ne pas devoir supporter des stocks supplémentaires dans leur fond de roulement, ce qui me semble être une bonne décision dans les circonstances.


Ok merci. En tk ça va m’avoir permis de mettre la mains sur des parts à 6.5¢


Bon move👍🏼 J’en ai profité aussi, mais plus tard que toi.


Tinkerine Expands Education Initiative after Successful Pilot
28 Mar 2017 11:01 HE

Marketwire Canada

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwired - March 28, 2017) - Tinkerine Studios Ltd. (“Tinkerine” or the “Company”) (TSX VENTURE:TTD)(FRANKFURT:WKN)(FRANFURT:WB6B)(OTC PINK:TKSTF) is pleased to announce that as the result of a successful pilot in the British Columbia education market, Tinkerine is expanding the 1:1:1 Education Initiative that targets learning institutions seeking to expand on their 3D printing education and associated content. This initiative is aimed at providing one (1) DittoPro 3D printer for each student in each STEAM classroom in learning facilities. This includes elementary and high schools, post-secondary institutions and other learning facilities that have an active computer lab.

Tinkerine is focused on delivering 3D printing in an impactful way to education, and the 1:1:1 initiative allows for educators to confidently focus on incorporating 3D printing in the classroom by focusing on what matters most, utilizing the tool to educate, design and develop critical thinking skills. Tinkerine can provide a full-service program whereby educators can purchase a 3D printer, have access to the TinkerineU learning platform, and complete courses and challenges designed to engage and educate students.

President and Chief Executive Officer, Eugene Suyu states: “We are extremely pleased to launch the 1:1:1 initiative, and look forward to working with new and existing institutions focused on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) based learning. As we move forward, we must look both at what the technology is, but more importantly how it can be applied. The first steps to this is through the passing of knowledge of this technology to the educators. To achieve this, we have designed a proprietary portfolio of courses which acts as an on-ramp system that guides and equips educators with the necessary resources and knowledge to teach with our DittoPro 3D printers successfully. The goal of this initiative is simple, to look at how we can shift the focus from the glamor of the hardware to what really matters and the impacts for this technology in education when adopted right. The development of the skillsets necessary to allow for critical thinking, understanding of digital 3D space, and design thinking to solve complex challenges in the 21st century, is the best tool for this job. These are the premises of the 1:1:1 Initiative and we can’t be more excited.”

Additional information on the 1:1:1 Education Initiative can be requested via the Company web portal at


C’est une non-nouvelle il me semble…


Je crois que la partie la plus intéressante est celle-ci :

The goal of this initiative is simple, to look at how we can shift the focus from the glamor of the hardware to what really matters and the impacts for this technology in education when adopted right. The development of the skillsets necessary to allow for critical thinking, understanding of digital 3D space, and design thinking to solve complex challenges in the 21st century, is the best tool for this job. These are the premises of the 1:1:1 Initiative and we can’t be more excited."


Des DittoPro au Musée de l’ingéniosité de Valcourt :


Tinkerine Signs Agreement with MyClassNeeds

11 Apr 2017 11:01 HE
Marketwire Canada

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwired - April 11, 2017) - Tinkerine Studios Ltd. (“Tinkerine” or the “Company”) (TSX VENTURE:TTD)(FRANKFURT:WB6B)(OTC PINK:TKSTF) is pleased to announce the signing of a partnership agreement (“Agreement”) with MyClassNeeds, an affiliate of Curriculum Services Canada (“CSC”) to provide 3D printing solutions for K-12 schools located in British Columbia and Ontario. Under this Agreement, the Company will provide the Tinkerine DittoPro 3D Printer Starter Bundle for qualified teachers seeking to expand on projects related to 3D printing and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (“STEAM”) education.

Under this Agreement, Schools must be K-12 schools located in British Columbia or Ontario, Canada and must receive majority of their operational funding from public sources to be eligible to participate. This includes Catholic (and other faith-based) schools and independent schools as long as they receive the majority of their operational funding through the public system. First Nations schools funded by the federal government through Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada are also eligible. Projects from all disciplines will considered, and each project must clearly identify a potential benefit to student learning.

President and CEO Eugene Suyu states; “We look forward to expanding our user base with the partnership agreement with MyClassNeeds, and continue to identify and evaluate strategic relationships for the expansion of Tinkerine product sales and services in education institutions.”

Additional information on this program can be viewed at:


C’est Moi où ils font des communiqués de presse pour chaque petite vente dans l’entreprise


Ce n’est pas un communiqué pour une vente. C’est un communiqué pour un partenariat. Je ne serais pas surpris de voir plusieurs écoles utiliser ce mode de financement pour acquérir une imprimante.


oui mais TTD fait des communiqués à toutes les semaines il me semble. Admettons qu’ils vendent 1 imprimante par semaine à ces écoles. Quel serait le profit?


C’est seulement le 3e communiqué depuis décembre…


Intéressant de voir que Best Buy s’est également associé avec MyClassNeeds en juin 2016 :
Best Buy Canada Grants Elementary Schools with New Technology


Ca reste un organisme de charité j’attendrais ps des ventes exceptionnelles de ce côté !



Les EFs annuels sont sortis. Je n’ai pas eu le temps de les regarder en profondeur (merci au temps des impôts), les revenus pour le Q4 semblent être aux alentours de 420 000 $… ce qui représenterait une augmentation de 20% vs le Q4 de 2015. Évidemment, la dispute avec le distributeur au Q3 fait mal au revenu annuel.


J’arrive à $111k de revenus pour le T4, j’ai manqué quelque chose ?


J’aime tout ce que je vois – notamment la vision claire et simple : « One 3D printer per student per STEAM classroom. That’s the vision we have for the standard of education technology. » –
sauf les chiffres…

Via 2017 Q1


  • Q1 2017 net loss of $116,712 versus a net loss of $311,223 for the comparable Q1
    2016 period;
  • First Quarter 2017 revenue of $166,847 versus Q1 2016 revenue of $171,689;
  • Expenses for Q1 2017 of $176,553 versus Q1 2016 expenses of $311,223;
  • Launch of 1:1:1 education initiative targeting learning institutions seeking to expand on their 3-D printing education and associated content;
  • Q1 2017 cash position of $80,802 versus cash position of $41,601 at year ended December 31, 2016;
  • Continued presentation and demonstration of Tinkerine and its portfolio of products to education institutions and manufacturing groups.

Quelles est votre impression sur TTD.V à ce point-ci ? Yay or nay ? Ou patience ?