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Voici un bref apercu de ce que fait le cie tiré de leur site internet : Sangoma is a leading provider of hardware and software components that enable or enhance IP Communications Systems for voice, data and video applications. Sangoma’s connectivity solutions are used in leading unified communications, PBX, IVR, contact center and data-communication applications worldwide. The product line includes both hardware and software components that offer a comprehensive toolset for deploying cost-effective, powerful and flexible communication solutions.

Ils ont fait des acquisitions début 2015 qui semble avoir commencé à porter fruit dans les derniers états financiers. Leur intégration devraient transparaitre dans les résultats annuel. Ce que j’aime c’Est qu’elle se transige présentement entre 0.25 et 0.30$ pour un market cap au environ de 7M$. Ils ont en working capital 6.1M$ donc le marché ne lui donne pas de valeur pour ses actifs dont schmooze qu’ils ont payé 3M$ + des actions au début de l’année. L’entreprise a dégagé des profits de + de 700k$ l’année dernière et jusqu’à présent elle est positive de 110k$ cette année. Pour moi, une entreprise se negociant pratiquement a sa valeur en argent et qui est profitable (la plupart des trimestre) est un Go. J’ai commencé à prendre position depuis 0.28$. L

Si quelqu’un à d’autres informations à partager la concernant, ce serait apprécié. En espérant vous la faire connaitre…


C’est une compagnie sur ma liste à surveiller, très bonne initiative de partir un sujet sur cette compagnie STP.


Tres bon article sur Sangoma écrit par Gerry wimmer


Si l’on se fie aux années passés, le Q4 devrait être publié la semaine prochaine. A surveiller.


Q4 demain 22 oct. selon tmxmoney


Sangoma earns $250,000 in fiscal 2015

2015-10-22 18:24 ET - News Release

Mr. David Moore reports


Sangoma Technologies Corp. has released highlights of its fourth quarter financial results and audited consolidated financial statements for the full year of fiscal 2015, ended June 30, 2015.

For the fourth quarter of fiscal 2015, sales were $5.34 million, 34% higher than the same quarter last year and 11% over the immediately preceding third quarter this year. For the full year of fiscal 2015, revenue was $16.32 million, the highest in Sangoma’s history and 18% above that in the prior year. EBITDA was $1.64 million for the year, up from $1.3 million last year, and operating income was over $0.9 million, consistent with 2014.

“I am pleased to see our financial year close with quarterly sales above $5 million for the first time,” said Bill Wignall, President and CEO of Sangoma. “We continue to seek growth through a mix of organic and inorganic means, all while demanding reasonable profitability. This year we see the results of that strategy, with prudent growth driven by some insightful M&A activity, solid margins, and EBITDA at approximately 10% of revenue. During this challenging economic environment, when multiple competitors are struggling and our traditional business continues to exhibit softness, I’m satisfied with these results and very pleased with this year’s acquisitions, though management maintains its pursuit of further growth. Looking back on 2015 overall, I would like to acknowledge the new teams for their excellent contribution and to personally thank our customers for their loyalty, our employees for their incredibly hard work, and our investors for their support.”

              Q4 FY2015  Q4 FY2014 Change      FY2015     FY2014 Change 

Sales $ 5.34 m $ 3.98 m 34% $ 16.32 m $ 13.83 m 18%
Gross profit $ 3.57 m $ 2.65 m 35% $ 10.97 m $ 9.25 m 19%
Operating Expense $ 3.07 m $ 2.04 m 50% $ 10.04 m $ 8.31 m 21%
Income(1) $ 0.50 m $ 0.61 m $ 0.93 m $ 0.94 m
Net income $ 0.15 m $ 0.52 m $ 0.25 m $ 0.74 m
Net earnings per
share (fully
diluted) $ 0.005 $ 0.018 $ 0.008 $ 0.026
EBITDA(1) $ 0.75 m $ 0.54 m $ 1.64 m $ 1.30 m

Gross profit was $3.57 million for the quarter and $10.97 million for the year. Gross margin at 67% for both the quarter and year has remained stable and is essentially the same as fiscal 2014.

Operating expense for the fourth quarter was $3.07 million, 50% higher than the same quarter in fiscal 2014 and expense for the year at $10.04 million was 21% higher than in 2014, before one-time impacts. The higher expenses result primarily from the addition of staff and other spending in the companies acquired on January 1, 2015.

EBITDA was $1.64 million for fiscal 2015, up from $1.30 million in the prior year, and was $0.75 million in the fourth quarter compared to $0.54 million in the same quarter of 2014. Operating income in the fourth quarter was $0.50 million, down from $0.61 million in the fourth quarter of 2014, and for the fiscal year was a $0.93 million, consistent with fiscal 2014.

Net income for the year ended June 30, 2015 was $0.25 million ($0.008 per share fully diluted), compared to a net profit of $0.74 million ($0.026 per share fully diluted) for the year ended June 30, 2014. In fiscal 2015 $0.30 million was recorded for the one-time costs associated with the two acquisitions undertaken on January 1, 2015. There were no comparable costs in fiscal 2014.

Sangoma finished the year with a cash balance of $2.52 million, down $2.46 million for the year, and had working capital of $6.36 million on June 30, 2015, as compared to $11.35 million on June 30, 2014. After accounting for the acquisitions, Sangoma generated $0.86 million in operating cash flow for the year.

President and CEO, Bill Wignall, and CFO, David Moore will host a conference call on Tuesday October 27, 2015 at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time to discuss the quarterly and annual results. The dial-in number for the call is 1-800-319-4610 (International 1-604- 638-5340). Investors are requested to dial in 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled start time and ask to join the Sangoma call.


Sangoma à dévoilé son trimestre hier, selon les prévisions, les revenues vont passés de 26M à 46M pour 2018. Le titre n’a pas beaucoup réagit suite au résultat. j’ai initié une micro-position.
Sangoma Technologies earns $800,000 in fiscal 2017


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Grosse acquisition de Sangoma aujourd’hui.
Sangoma Announces Transformative Acquisition of Digium

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Sangoma Wins Canadian Technology Stock of the Year (TSXV)

1/31/2019 1:00 PM ET

MARKHAM, Ontario, Jan. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – Sangoma Technologies Corporation (TSX VENTURE: STC), a trusted leader in delivering Unified Communications solutions for SMBs, Enterprises, OEMs, and Service Providers, both on-premises and in the cloud, today announced that it was selected as the Tech Stock of the Year for TSXV companies by Cantech.

The awards recognize excellence and achievement in technology companies as voted on by an unbiased panel of dozens of Canadian technology-stock research analysts and are presented at the Cantech Investment Conference, which is focused on innovation-sector companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the TSX Venture exchange.

“To be chosen as the TSXV technology company of the year for 2018 from among so many other esteemed nominees is a great honour,” said Bill Wignall, President and CEO of Sangoma. “2018 was a very important year for Sangoma, as our ongoing strategy to drive the company forward via a combination of organic growth and prudent acquisitions, has now gotten us to the stage where we will for the first time, hit $100 million in sales this year. The award highlights our company’s continued success, reflects the confidence placed in us by our customers around the globe, and demonstrates the growing recognition Sangoma is receiving from the investment community.”