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Je crois que c’est un bon moment pour acheter du Siyata mobile, consolidation du titre jusqu’à $0.32. SIM-V prévoit des revenues entre 14 et 16 million en 2016. plusieurs bonnes nouvelles sont apparue dernièrement


Building a Global Telecom Company – Siyata Mobile


Contrat de 2 million pour Siyata.

Siyata Awarded Government Tender Valued at Over $2MM

MONTREAL, QC --(Marketwired - July 19, 2016) - Siyata Mobile Inc. (the “Company” or “Siyata”) (TSX VENTURE: SIM) (OTC PINK: SIMFF) is pleased to announce that, as part of a multi-million dollar undisclosed Government Agency tender awarded to a major telecomm operator, Siyata has been chosen as the hardware provider for connected vehicle devices. Multiple government offices will be upgrading their existing Truckfone devices to the Company’s 3G enabled Voyager as well as purchasing additional accessories making the total tender valued at over $2 million CDN.

“We are very excited to be chosen as the connected vehicle device provider for this tender,” says Siyata CEO Marc Seelenfreund. “We are fully funded to execute on this major win for Siyata. This tender represents a perfect example of existing customers upgrading from first generation Truckfones to our second generation Voyagers to stay connected in their commercial fleets and vehicles.”

Voyager is a connected-vehicle 3G smartphone that provides a wide variety of safe driving features including hands-free dialling, GPS navigation and tracking, and an assortment of Android applications. Integration with the vehicle battery and 3G antennas allow drivers to have clear and consistent communication even in remote conditions.

About Siyata

Siyata Mobile Inc. is a leading global developer and provider of innovative cellular communication systems. Siyata’s “Connected-Vehicle” devices and accessories are specifically designed for professional fleets such as trucks, vans, buses, ambulances, government cars and more. Siyata aims to provide greater mobile connectivity for professional drivers and to facilitate replacement of the current in-vehicle, multi-device status quo with a single device that incorporates voice, data, and fleet management solutions.

Through its newly acquired subsidiary Signifi Mobile, Siyata also markets and sells Uniden® cellular signal boosters and accessories across Canada and the United States. Siyata’s customers include cellular operators, commercial vehicle technology distributors, and fleets of all sizes in Canada, the US, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.


Siyata Mobile wins $300,000 order for Voyager devices

2016-07-26 09:09 ET - News Release

Mr. Marc Seelenfreund reports


Siyata Mobile Inc. has received a purchase order from a multinational defence contractor for its 3G-enabled Voyager devices valued at over $300,000.

Siyata’s Voyager and Truckfone devices are the world’s first 3G-connected vehicle devices that include fixed installation and hands-free dialling with external antennas for better cellular coverage. Siyata continues to penetrate a variety of jurisdictions and industries as companies upgrade their outdated software to Siyata’s 3G-enabled Voyager devices.

Siyata Mobile’s chief executive officer, Marc Seelenfreund, states: “The defence contractor assessed our devices for over six months in challenging conditions and we are proud to have passed their stringent testing and approval process. This is a great win for us following our previously announced government tender win and will assist us to achieve strong growth in 2016.”

As more companies look to upgrade their 2G devices, Siyata will continue to target this market as they upgrade their communications hardware to be compatible with next-generation networks and push-to-talk technology.

We seek Safe Harbor.


Siyata receives 2nd Uniden order from U.S. pharma firm

2016-07-28 09:53 ET - News Release

Mr. Marc Seelenfreund reports


Siyata Mobile Inc. has received a second order for its Uniden cellular boosters from a major United States pharmaceutical company, totalling over $50,000 (U.S.) combined.

This purchase order marks the second phase of orders of Uniden cellular boosters as the major U.S. pharmaceutical company continues to suffer from weak indoor cellular coverage in its office facilities in the United States.

Siyata Mobile’s chief executive offier, Marc Seelenfreund, states: “We are very pleased to be a part of this major corporation’s rollout strategy as weak indoor cellular coverage is no longer an option for large corporations. Businesses large and small have become 100-per-cent reliant upon cellular coverage, and we intend to capitalize on this growing trend. The acquisition of the Uniden portfolio is proving to be highly accretive for our business and is setting the stage for strong sales growth throughout 2016 and beyond.”

Siyata, through its Uniden portfolio of cellular boosters, is targeting a very-large-scale market of users that experience weak cell phone coverage in buildings, in remote locations where coverage is spotty or while on the go. In North America, 80 per cent of cellular calls are made indoors, the area with the lowest probability of cellular coverage, leaving approximately 75 million homes and commercial buildings experiencing dropped calls and slow download speeds.

We seek Safe Harbor.


Le titre semble avoir des pressions a la baisse, une firme sous anonymous vend a pleine capacité pour faire baisser le titre malgré les trois bonnes nouvelles dernièrement, sa sent la manipulation a plein nez. prochain support technique a environ $0.255


En claire çà te fait penser à quoi, qu’ils vendent pour pouvoir acheter plus tard?


Ça semble être de la manipulation pour faire sortir les “weak hand” pour rendre disponible des actions pour les firmes qui veulent de grosse position, la semaine passé une transaction de 335k actions a trouvé preneur a $0.29. La même chose est arrivé avec VGM-C pendant 6 mois Anonymous a vendu des actions aux marché pour faire baissé le titre jusqu’à $0.06 de gros bloc d’actions ont trouvé preneur et ensuite en moins d’une semaine le titre le titre a passé de $.06 a $.15
Pourquoi les firmes ce cache sous le couvert d’Anonymous pour faire ce genre de manipulation? Siyata a monté a $0.36 suite au contrat de 2 Million pour redescendre à $0.28 en trois jours avec des ventes massives d’Anonymous mais fondamentalement ce n’est pas les contrats qui manquent pour Siyata




On est loin de la prevision annuelle de 16 million annoncé précédemment par Siyata. Les autres Q devront être extraordinaire.


Siyata Mobile Announces Voyager and Privacy Handsets Into Ambulances

MONTREAL, QC–(Marketwired - September 20, 2016)

Siyata Mobile Inc. (the “Company” or “Siyata”) (TSX VENTURE: SIM) (OTC PINK: SIMFF)is pleased to announce it has received an initial purchase order for its Voyager and privacy handset accessories to provide mission critical communication devices to the largest private ambulance company in Newfoundland Canada. Cellular Central, a Bell Canada Authorized dealership, is installing the Voyager in the front cabin and privacy handsets in the rear of the ambulances. Privacy handsets are an additional accessory that allow paramedics to keep their conversations with dispatch and other medical personnel private from patients in the vehicle.

Todd Winsor, owner of Cellular Central, stated, “It has been a pleasure working with the entire team at Siyata Mobile. We thoroughly tested the system, fitting ambulances with Voyager devices and privacy handsets in the rear of the vehicles. This fixed and private communication device with Wi-Fi Hotspot, AVL tracking, and Push-to-Talk functionality on an Android device makes it a robust system and proved to be the clear choice for our client to outfit their entire fleet.”

Marc Seelenfreund, CEO of Siyata Mobile stated, “This customer tested our devices over a 6-month period and is now fitting their ambulance fleet with Voyager devices and accessories. We are excited to enter this new vertical and believe our devices and innovative privacy handsets can provide a great communication platform for ambulances and other emergency service vehicles.”

Siyata’s Voyager and Truckfone devices are the world’s first 3G connected-vehicle devices that include fixed installation and hands-free dialling with external antennas for better cellular coverage. Siyata continues to penetrate a variety of jurisdictions and industries as companies upgrade their outdated software to Siyata’s 3G enabled Voyager devices.


Siyata Mobile’s Q3 revenues at $3.6-million

2016-10-13 09:43 ET - News Release

Mr. Marc Seelenfreund reports


Siyata Mobile Inc. had record top-line revenue of approximately $3.6-million and record sales in North America in the third quarter of 2016. This represents an impressive ~79% increase in revenue over Q2 of 2016 and a ~62% increase in sales over Q3 of 2015 with a third of the sales in Q3 coming from North America. As a result of the North American sales, the company is expecting margins to be higher than its margins reported in Q2 2015 of 24%. Q3 2016 full financial results will be filed before the end of November 2016, and the company will conduct a conference call to discuss the results at that time. The large increase in sales is partially from successful integration and consolidation of the Montreal based sales team that is now selling and supporting the full Unidentrademark Connected-Vehicle-Devices and Unidentrademark Cellular Boosters product lines. The Company expects sales to continue its momentum in Q4 as Siyata’s Unidentrademark product line is introduced into distribution channels that were inherited from the Signifi acquisition.

Marc Seelenfreund, CEO and Director of Siyata states, “We are very pleased to see the successful integration of Signifi and execution of our North American sales strategy taking place. Our unique Unidentrademark connected-vehicle-devices and cellular amplifiers are being sold to a large amount of distributors in North America, where our sales team has long standing relationships. As a result, we expect to see strong adoption and sales growth of our innovative product line in North America.”

There are tens of millions of commercial vehicles worldwide that currently rely on 2G networks and two-way radio systems for their communication platforms. Siyata aims to target this market as commercial fleets and vehicles upgrade their communications hardware to be compatible with next generation networks, push-to-talk (PTT) solutions and other software applications targeting the commercial fleet market.


Siyata Mobile Announces Continued Sales Into the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for Its Uniden® UCP100

MONTRÉAL, QC–(Marketwired - October 26, 2016)

Siyata Mobile Inc. (the “Company” or “Siyata”) (TSX VENTURE: SIM) (OTC PINK: SIMFF) is pleased to announce that it continues to receive purchase orders from various divisions of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (“RCMP”) for its Uniden® UCP100 (previously Truckfone) device.

Since receiving its first order from the RCMP in late 2015, Siyata has continued to see strong demand for its Uniden® UCP100 device to replace the 2G Motorola M800 devices and other aging communications devices inside commercial vehicles. As a result, over 22 divisions of the RCMP across Canada are outfitted, or in the process of being outfitted with the Uniden® UCP100. As the Canadian national police service and an agency of the Ministry of Public Safety, the RCMP is unique in the world as a national, federal, provincial and municipal policing body.

There are currently more than 700 RCMP detachments comprised of over 8,500 vehicles throughout Canada.

Marc Seelenfreund, CEO of Siyata Mobile, commented, “We are very pleased with our ongoing marketing efforts towards the RCMP. This market continues to be a large-scale opportunity in Canada for our Uniden® portfolio replacing existing unreliable 2G hardware with Siyata’s 3G enabled devices.” The Uniden® UCP100 is the ideal solution for the RCMP, offering crystal clear transmission even in rural areas thanks to a powerful speaker, a
dedicated microphone and external antenna. With 3G connectivity and a simple user interface, the UCP100 allows effective hands-free communications for drivers.About SiyataSiyata Mobile Inc. develops, markets and sells a portfolio of innovative Uniden® cellular devices targeting niche, large-scale commercial vehicle and industrial markets.

The Uniden® UCP100 and UCP200 are the world’s first 3G connected-vehicle-devices, specifically built to be a robust communication platform inside commercial fleets, trucks, military, emergency service vehicles and many other commercial fleets. Siyata’s customers include cellular operators, commercial vehicle technology distributors, and fleets of all sizes in Canada, the US, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

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On Behalf of the Board of Directors of:SIYATA MOBILE INC.

Marc Seelenfreund
CEO and Director


Siyata semble vouloir décoller.


Notes sur ma rencontre avec le PDG, Marc Seelenfreund:

  • Objectif de ventes pour 2017: $20M et plus
  • L’entreprise a connu son premier trimestre de BAIIA positif au dernier trimestre, et devrait être en mesure d’augmenter sa profitabilité au cours des trimestres à venir. Peu de dépenses d’opérations supplémentaires sont envisagées à l’heure actuelle.
  • Les revenus en Israel sont assez constants d’année en année, à environ $8-10M par année, ce qui procure à l’entreprise une bonne partie des fonds requis pour soutenir ses opérations pendant qu’elle travaille à pénétrer le marché Nord-Américain.
  • Les marges brutes en Amérique du Nord sont un peu meilleures qu’en Israel, ce qui fait en sorte que les marges brutes globales en 2017 pourraient augmenter autour de 30%.
  • L’entreprise envisage l’embauche de 2 ou 3 vendeurs aux États-Unis au courant de 2017.
  • L’acquisition de Signifi a procuré à Siyata beaucoup de nouvelles relations avec des distributeurs. L’entreprise compte maintenant une 50aine de distributeurs de ses produits ainsi que 9 fournisseurs de télécommunications.
  • Le but principal de l’acquisition de Signifi était d’obtenir l’infrastructure pour une expansion en Amérique du Nord (entrepôt, force de vente, équipe de soutien technique, etc.) mais elle procure également des relations ainsi que des opportunités de ventes croisées.


Rapport de Sophic Capital sur Siyata Mobile: We need to Push-to-Talk


Siyata Mobile Review of Achievements in 2016 and Corporate Guidance for 2017


Siyata Mobile Records Sales of $4.1M in Q4 2016, a 52% Increase in Revenue Over Q4 2015


Siyata Mobile Receives $1.8MM Order for Its Push-to-Talk Devices

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