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Savez-vous pourquoi l’action a connue cette chute brutale?


Simplement un manque de liquidité. Le titre a chuté de 95% sur seulement 45,000 actions de volume (valeur de 1650$).

Il s’agit peut-être d’un investisseur très pressé ou bien en colère qui voulait se débarasser de ses actions. Fondamentalement je ne vois aucune raison pourquoi quelqu’un désirerait vendre à ce prix.


RSI Resumes Trend Towards Becoming Free Cash Flow Positive

Le bilan se détériore. J’ai l’impression que l’entreprise va devoir trouver du financement additionnel prochainement.


Ouf…au cours actuel de 0.06$/action ça va faire mal.

Si on se fit au dernier financement qui avait dû être prolongé et qui tout de même, n’avait pas été rempli à 100%…j’ai l’impression que les termes devront être très alléchants pour attirer les investisseurs.


Le problème avec RSI c’est que le management ne communique pas beaucoup avec les investisseurs et ne semble pas très habile à lever du capital non plus. C’est pourquoi l’entreprise s’est retrouvée à devoir lever du capital à $0.13 l’année dernière, un prix auquel nous trouvions l’opportunité excellente.

Au prix actuel, c’est certain que la dilution ferait mal mais j’ose espérer que RSI trouverait preneurs. On parle quand même d’une valorisation de $2.2M pour une entreprise qui a fait $4.8M de revenus au cours des 12 derniers mois. 0.46x les ventes pour une entreprise SaaS avec la majorité de ses revenus étant récurrents et un bon taux de rétention de sa clientèle, ça me semble assez attrayant. Par contre, il faut que le management trouve le moyen de se rendre à la profitabilité avant de manquer d’argent.


RSI Free Cash Flow Positive for Q2

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – RSI International Systems Inc. (TSX-V: RSY) (“RSI” or the “Company”) has provided the following commentary further to its second quarter 2018 interim financial statements as released August 23, 2018.

RSI President and CEO, Tim Major commented, “For the past year and a half we have been diligently working to increase our efficiency and reduce the monthly cash burn for our business. Great progress has been made and I am very pleased to announce that we are Operating Free Cash Flow positive for the second quarter.”

Mr. Major added, “While we are proud of this progress, we have much work to do in order to deliver better value to our shareholders. To this end, we are investigating the best ways to increase the value of our Company.”

As discussed in a news release dated April 20, 2018, the Company reduced its annual Operating Free Cash Flow deficit from (-$1,281,128) in 2016, to a deficit of (-$727,387) in 2017. As illustrated in Table 1 below, the Company was Operating Free Cash Flow positive in Q2 2018 by $23,933, versus a deficit of (-$62,324) in Q2 2017. For the first six months of 2018, the Company has reduced its Operating Free Cash Flow deficit to (-$101,115) versus a deficit of (-$172,053) in the first six months of 2017. This represents an improvement of 41%.


RSI International Systems halted at 10:50 a.m. PT


RSI Int’l to sell RoomKeyPMS business for $4.6M (U.S.)

2018-09-07 15:24 ET - News Release

Mr. Tim Major reports
RSI International Systems Inc. has signed a binding letter of intent with nSight Inc., for the sale of RSI’s RoomKeyPMS business and assets for gross proceeds of $4.6-million (U.S.) in cash, before any applicable adjustments. The parties are at arm’s length. Assuming the 7-day average of the most recently posted Bank of Canada US$/C$ exchange rates of 1.3188 and the Company’s 36,835,278 issued and outstanding shares, this translates to approximately C$6m, or just over C$0.16 per share, before any adjustments. RSI’s shares lasted traded on the TSX-V at C$0.04.
Mr. David Keys, Chairman of the RSI Board of Directors and a representative for the Ernest W. Moody Revocable Trust, which holds 44.4% of RSI’s outstanding shares, commented, “We have been frustrated for some time with the quoted market value of RSI shares. The cash consideration being offered for the RoomKey business is about four times RSI’s market capitalization based on the last closing price, and the funds available after we settle any liabilities will allow us to look at ways to better return value to our shareholders. This may include acquiring another business or distributing part or all of the net proceeds.”
nSight CEO, Rich Maradik, added “We look forward to working with both the RoomKey team and customers as we build out a full portfolio of hospitality technology solutions. We expect to keep the RoomKey team largely intact, so that we can best serve the existing customers and grow the business. We see strong demand from the middle market hotel segment for an innovative technology partner offering a fully integrated platform allowing for unified processes. This will allow customers using our technology to streamline costs while optimizing RevPar.”
Under the terms of the LOI, nSight will pay RSI gross proceeds of US$4.6m, for the Company’s current business and assets related to the development and operation of RSI’s RoomKeyPMS. This figure will be adjusted to account for the timing of certain receivables, payables, deferred revenue, prepaid costs and other items that are assumed by nSight. RSI may also incur some costs related to the disposal of its RoomKey business for certain contractual obligations. The US-dollar figure will be converted to Canadian dollars by averaging the posted Bank of Canada closing US$/C$ exchange rate for the seven days preceding the LOI date of September 7, 2018, and the same exchange rate for the seven days preceding the closing of the transaction. Should the exchange rate move more than five percentage points in either direction, the disadvantaged party will have the option to terminate the transaction
With the LOI in place, RSI and nSight will work towards negotiating a Definitive Agreement within 60 days, to replace the binding LOI. The Definitive Agreement will contain an RSI Non-Compete provision as well as a provision that RSI will not solicit any alternative transactions, and that should the Company terminate the Definitive Agreement, as the result of accepting a third-party acquisition proposal, nSight will be entitled to a break-fee of US$460,000. The transaction is subject to a number of conditions, including completion of satisfactory due diligence, the entering into of definitive documentation and the receipt of all necessary regulatory and third-party approvals and consents, including approval by RSI shareholders.
About nSight
With the acquisition of RSI, nSight will rapidly assemble a full portfolio of hospitality technology solutions to accelerate growth in the middle market hotel segment. Currently, nSight Inc. provides predictive data and marketing solutions for hotels and destinations helping deliver incremental revenue through improving their pricing and marketing practices.
About RSI
RSI International Systems Inc. is the developer of RoomKeyPMS, a web-based Property Management System (PMS) that incorporates a fully integrated Online Reservation Booking engine and seamless real-time connectivity to the major Global Distribution and Internet Distribution Systems. RSI markets its RoomKeyPMS and a number of other proprietary “hosted” software solutions to a wide variety of Hospitality Industry clients around the world.
We seek Safe Harbor.


“One last puff of a cigar butt.”

Au moins, ce n’est pas comme Elon. La compagnie a gagné en évaluation boursière aujourd’hui :wink: