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Producteur d’énergie Géothermique au Nicaragua.

Ils ont recapitalisé la compagnie et celle-ci débutera une distribution annualisé de 5.75%. Il faut comprendre aussi que le potentiel de croissance de ce modèle de production a un spectre très large donc elle aura aussi une forte appréciation en équité à moyen terme.

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Fundamental Data - PIF
Security Type Equity
Shares Issued 15,513,157
Market Cap 106,265,000
Year High 30.00
Year Low 6.44
Annual Earnings/Share -49.549999 CAD
P/E Ratio -0.14
Annual Dividend/Share 0.40 USD
Annual Dividend Yield 5.84 %
Ex-Dividend Date 2016-05-19
Sector 55101010 - Electric Utilities


Fabrice Taylor de President’s Club vient de publier une note sur Polaris :

Another turnaround story I’ve been feasting on is Polaris Infrastructure (PIF). It really took the market selloff on the chin, not surprisingly, and while it has made a couple of attempts at a recovery, running not long ago from $6.75 to $8 on big volume, the relentless selling is keeping a thumb on it.

That selling emanates from funds that used to own the bonds and now own shares as part of the recapitalization. Many of these investors are funds that cannot own equities so they’re dumping shares aggressively. You should buy the shares from them.

PIF’s contract gives it an automatic 3% price increase on the power it sells every year, and new drill holes could ramp production to 72 MW (a ~40% increase), which would produce prodigious cash flow and a rising dividend.

And best of all this story has tremendous growth potential if the drill program hits and Polaris acquires the binary unit that can increase production by 10%. Ascribing modest success to these measures we could see a future dividend that, on the current price, yields more than 25%!

The company alraedy announced a 10 cent USD/quarter dividend two weeks, meaning that at the current price the yield is almost 8%. Plus the dividend is paid in US$, which I like as a cheap way to build a balance of greenbacks (no foreign exchange fees).

The stock is cheap, trading at a large discount to hard book value, and these discounts never last long.

Once these sellers are gone this stock should march higher.

Warmest regards,

Fabrice Taylor, CFA | Publisher


Ainsi qu’un article dans le GLOBE&MAIL


Clarus Securities avec une Cible de $14.50

Outlook: Following completion of the second well, Polaris will embark on a maintenance program to clean its injection wells in order to restore capacity, after which we expect a third expansion well will be drilled. We are forecasting the expansion to generate net production of 60 MW (up from ~50 MW currently), with EBITDA growth of 26% in 2017 to 50.0 MM from $39.6 MM in 2016. Our forecasts do not include power production from a planned binary unit, which could grow EBITDA a further $6 MM to $10 MM with no drilling risk.



Polaris Infrastructure: 100% Upside, And Get Paid 6% To Wait



Polaris Infrastructure operates a geothermal plant in Nicaragua with an attractive PPA already in place, a solid balance sheet, a good management team, and a long list of impressive shareholders.

The company has a runway to expand production from ~50Mw currently to over 72Mw given its current drilling program and the addition of a binary unit.

Each Mw added adds $1 million to FCF, of which 50% will be distributed as dividends in USD. This is a case where you get paid to wait.

We value Polaris at 9.5x 2016 EBITDA, which implies a share price of $17, offering 100%+ upside to the current price of $8.25.


Polaris Infrastructure Declares Quarterly Dividend


Notre position @ $6.89 devient payante. Les analystes prévoit $14 à court terme. J’envisage une prise de profit vers $12 avec un Trailing Stop loss serré à partir de maintenant.



Stoploss @ $12.27


Importante mis à jour. Le nouveau puits défonce les prévisions soit en doublant sa capacité potentiel de production à 10MW. Clarus augmente donc sa cible à $23. Nous allons donc relaxer le Stop Loss au Top du 3ème Dojis précédents au lieu de un.

Polaris Infrastructure Announces Connection of Well SJ 9-4

The Globe and Mail reports in its Saturday, Aug. 27, edition that renewable energy projects company Polaris Infrastructure ($14.65) “hit a boomer” with its San Jacinto drilling program, says Clarus Securities analyst Stephen Kammermayer. The Globe’s Gillian Livingston writes in the Eye On Equities column that Mr. Kamermayer says in a note: “Polaris has tied in its third expansion well (SJ 9-4) at a restricted flow rate, currently generating approximately 10 million watts, well ahead of our 5 million watts estimate. While still early, the well looks to be one of the larger wells in the field and has the potential to flow more than 10 million watts once fully opened. Once the (well’s) pipe is replaced in October and maintenance on the separator unit is complete (in conjunction with planned turbine maintenance) in February, 2017, we will have a better idea of the full capacity of the well.” He kept his “buy” rating and increased his price target to $23 from $14.50. Analysts on average target the shares at $15.93. The Globe’s Fabrice Taylor recommended buying Polaris on March 29. He said Polaris could be one of the great turnaround stories of 2016. The shares could then be had for $6.92.


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Conséquence des troubles politiques au Nicaragua il se pourrait que PIF soit une extraordinaire
opportunité. Le Gap up du 17 Août 2016 doit se fermer soit $10.65 comme cible pour une entrée. Considérant que la compagnie s’est améliorée au niveau matérielle et qu’au niveau cash-flow pourrait grandement augmenté avec les nouvelles turbines il nous reste à quantifié le risque géo-politique.

Polaris Infrastructure Provides Operations Update


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