EUO.V - Eurocontrol Technics Group


HALT pending news…

nous allons voir si Mr.Wood a trouvé de quoi d’interessant avec tout cet argent dans les mains,


Voici ce que jai recu du CEO :

« Thanks for your email and interest in EUO.

Once approved, selling the shares of the Israeli subs will save us time, money, reduce potential future liabilities (given largely “as is” nature of the agreement) and offer some potential upside to shareholders. Most importantly, it allows the company to move in a new direction and pursue a transformative transaction.

To that end, we’ve been looking at numerous potential deals in multiple sectors. Given the market environment, we have seen a number of cannabis and cannabis related deals. Of those, the ones we’ve found more interesting have a technology edge, something proprietary. With respect to the beer/cannabis company you mention, it’s hard to say. We haven’t looked at anything with a retail focus but would be open to looking at anything that has strong growth potential, that can captivate the market, with a strong team.

Feel free to contact me any time. If you like we can arrange a time for a call as well.




reste qu’au final, le grand gagnant c’est le clown a Dorion qui vient d’acquérir tout ce que EUO avait (a part son cash) gratuitement, tout en s’étant grassement remplis les poches pendants les années précédentes en dilapidant tout le cash de EUO en salaire et en “R&D”.

Que c’est beau la bourse de croissance…