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Le CEO a pris 75k$ :


Ackroo adds 3 more product integrations

Ackroo expands their addressable market and product offering with the addition of Clinicmaster (PMS), POS Simplicity and BEST point of sale software integrations

OTTAWA, ON–(Marketwired - July 24, 2017) - Ackroo Inc. (TSX VENTURE: AKR) (OTC: AKRFF) (“Ackroo”), a gift card, loyalty and rewards technology and services provider, announced the launch of its latest advancements to the Ackroo Anywhere platform with integration to Clinicmaster (PMS), POS simplicity and BEST point of sale software solutions. These integrations help expand Ackroo’s addressable market by allowing the thousands of merchants using these solutions who prefer or require direct integration to their management systems to work with Ackroo. Merchants will gain both operational and functional benefits from this advancement while Ackroo, Clinicmaster, POS simplicity and BEST all further differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

Clinicmaster was designed to provide a full practice management solution (PMS) for healthcare professions and clinic owners – with more features, tools and partnerships than any other healthcare PMS. With over 1,000 clinics across multiple countries currently leveraging the benefits of this advanced management system, Clinicmaster has the necessary tools to help generate more revenue and increase profitability. For more information go to: www.clinicmaster.com.

POS simplicity was first released in 2000 as a retail focused POS solution and has since evolved to support Quick Service Restaurants, Fine Dining Hospitality and Wineries. For more information go to: www.possimplicity.com.

BEST is a point of sale solution designed by cash register specialists. With a focus on convenience stores, grocery, pharmacy, other retail and hospitality merchants, they have grown to over 2,000 customers across Canada. For more information go to: www.bestpos.ca.

“Expanding our management system integrations is a key priority for Ackroo,” said Steve Levely, Chief Executive Officer at Ackroo. “Merchants continue to move to integrated solutions for the operational ease and reporting advantage it brings. There are also functional advantages from a gift card and loyalty stand point as direct integration to platforms like Ackroo’s integrates sku and departmental data allowing for advanced funding and redemption options as well as providing greater business insight. This insight helps drive marketing initiatives, general program and business management, and is an important option for Ackroo merchants. As Ackroo continues to grow our merchant base and support larger and larger merchant types, these advancements become important milestones for our product. This work represents our 6th management system integration this year on a goal of 8 so we are ahead of our plans in this area helping position Ackroo for even bigger success in 2017 and beyond.”


Ackroo announces another record quarter

  • Sales of $651,457 for the three month period ended June 30th, 2017 as compared to $559,223 for the three month period ended June 30th, 2016 (17% growth);
  • Sales of $1,300,842 for the six month period ended June 30th, 2017 as compared to $1,107,523 for the six month period ended June 30th, 2016 (17% growth);
  • Gross margin of 70.1% for the three month period ended June 30th, 2017 as compared to 64.8% for the period ended June 20th, 2016 (5% growth);
  • EBITDA Loss from operations excluding stock based compensation was $106,888 (this amount does not include $88,418 in 2014 SR&ED credit reversal received in 2015) for the three month period ended June 30th, 2017 as compared to $84,396 for the three month period ended June 30th, 2016;


Les revenues ont beau grossir, les pertes elles, ne diminuent pas.


Ackroo adds 500th Restaurant location

by Kelly Snider | Sep 6, 2017 | Press Releases | 0 comments

Ackroo further expands its client portfolio with additional multi-location quick service restaurant chain

OTTAWA, ON–(Marketwired – September 06, 2017) – Ackroo Inc. (TSX VENTURE: AKR) (OTC PINK: AKRFF) (“Ackroo” or the “Company”), a gift card, loyalty and rewards technology and services provider, today announced they have added another multi-location quick service restaurant franchise putting the total amount of quick service and table service restaurant locations their platform supports at more than 500. The Company’s continued focus on enhancing their platform and adding more point of sale options for merchants in industries like the restaurant services segment has driven this result and helps position the Company for even bigger success in the years to come.

“Restaurants are a very important business segment for Ackroo,” said Steve Levely, chief executive officer at Ackroo. “Not only does this segment make up the largest percentage of our current customer base it also represents our largest opportunity for growth. We have a goal of growing to 10,000 + locations by the end of 2022 and we expect a lot of that growth to come from the quick service and table service restaurant segment. With an estimated 80,000 locations across Canada alone the restaurant services industry naturally is one of our key focus areas for our product, partnership and operational plans. We are excited to have achieved this milestone and we look forward to achieving many more in the very near future.”


Ackroo releases enterprise enhancements for their AKR3 platform

by Kelly Snider | Oct 3, 2017 | Press Releases | 0 comments

Ackroo adds marketing automation and business intelligence functions and reporting

OTTAWA, ON–(Marketwired – October 03, 2017) – Ackroo Inc. (TSX VENTURE: AKR) (OTC PINK: AKRFF) (“Ackroo” or the “Company”), a gift card, loyalty and rewards technology and services provider, today announces enterprise level product enhancements for their AKR3 platform. These enhancements focus on offering marketing services and business intelligence tools for merchants to gain greater insight and drive increased results through the AKR3 platform. These advancements will assist Ackroo Automotive and Ackroo Anywhere merchants in general but particularly Ackroo’s growing medium to large size merchants. These tools will derive data intelligence and will allow merchants to use that data for marketing and rewards campaigns. As Ackroo continues to work with larger brands, these advancements become necessary next steps in the Company’s product evolution.

Ackroo’s new marketing automation tools will enable merchants and Ackroo to:

• Create and edit, email and direct mail marketing templates for easy customization and branding

• Send these communications out in a simple and cost effective way

• Support communications to any customer list of the merchant’s business

• Create predefined triggers and rules around communications to be sent out, to remove manual work and offer configurable, recurring, and segment specific marketing campaigns

• Assist in supporting Ackroo’s e-promo feature which will release along with other e-commerce advancements in late Q4 2017

The first phase of this advancement will support Ackroo staff leveraging these tools to assist merchants in running marketing email campaigns. The next phase will provide merchants direct access to these tools through the AKR3 program console with campaigns tailored to them.

Ackroo’s new business intelligence advancements will enable merchants and Ackroo to:

• Extract online and offline data to be imported into the AKR3 platform (rewards member and non-member automotive DMS data, additional point-of-sale purchase data, etc.)

• Sort and segment the data based on specific business rules and domains

• Present this data in real-time dashboards for quick insight, canned reports for merchants’ operations staff and business owners, and to be leveraged by Ackroo’s new marketing automation tools

• Allow merchants and Ackroo to derive Return on Investment (ROI) data and statistics to validate their rewards program and better guide the various marketing services Ackroo provides

“These product enhancements are yet another transformational step forward for Ackroo,” said Steve Levely, chief executive officer at Ackroo. “After focusing our early efforts on developing a simple to use, self-serve platform primarily for SMB merchants, and after acquiring into the automotive segment, it became clear to us that Ackroo is also in the business of collecting big data on behalf of merchants. That change has us focusing our product and operational plans to support not just SMB but large enterprise merchants as well. With the DMS integrations that Ackroo built to support its automotive clients, and as we work into more POS purchase data capture, there is a demand to offer enterprise level tools around business intelligence and actionable data such as rewards, promotions, and marketing campaigns. Our marketing automation tools will allow us to better support the growing demand for digital and physical communications to members and non-members while our business intelligence advancements will allow us to not only drive those initiatives but also validate both the campaigns run and the use of our platform in general. Exciting advancements for our merchants and another big step forward for the Company.”


Ackroo to acquire KESM/LoyalMark from M3 Rebel

Under the terms of the acquisition, Ackroo will acquire the LoyalMark software and hardware platform and all related customer contracts representing a very significant amount of recurring and one time revenue to Ackroo, and adds over 1,200 total locations in Canada plus another 1,200 in the US.

Most importantly we add a significant amount of attributable margin that not only covers our current debt obligation but once normalized pushes the company into profitability. A very material advancement for the Company and our shareholders."


Ils vont payer en actions ?


Je serais surpris que ce soit payé autrement qu’en actions étant donné que la compagnie n’a pas d’argent.


Pas mal, reste à espérer que l’intégration se passe mieux cette fois-ci.

Je note une première incursion sur le marché US. Avec cette acquisition ils vont plus que doubler le nombre de “locations”.

Les termes financiers de la transaction ne sont pas du tout mentionnés par contre.

À suivre …


en tout cas le marché aime la news


J’essaye de comprendre cette acquision d’un cote stratégique et financier pour ackroo:
Mes calculs hypothétiques:
LoyalMark :

  • Achat de LoyalMark pour $2,000,000 (évaluation 1x comparable à celle d’ackroo sur le marché à 1x)
  • Revenue annuelle de $2,000,000 à une marge opérationelle de 35% = $58,000/mois de cashflow pour Ackroo
    Nouvelle dette:
  • Le $2M va venir de 50/50 entre un PP ($1M) et des paiements mensuelle ($1M)
  • Paiements mensuelle : $1M sur 60 mois à 12% intérêt = $19,000/mois

Conclusion hypothétique :
Présentement rendu très prêt du point mort opérationnelle (+/- 5%)
CashFlow Mensuelle :
+$58K(LoyalMark) - $38K(DRC) - $19K(LoyalMark) = 1K

  • Ackroo va avoir des revenues annuelle de $4M+
  • Si Ackroo paye plus que 1x sur l’acquision de LoyalMark, je ne comprends pas comment ils vont se rendre cash-flow positif? peut-etre la marge opérationelle de LoyalMark est plus grande?


Selon moi l’acquisition va être payée en majorité (voire même en totalité) en actions. Par la suite, il y a certainement plusieurs coupures possibles dans les dépenses (développement logiciel, service à la clientèle, comptabilité, etc.). Selon toute vraissemblance, Ackroo serait profitable assez rapidement je crois.


Les résultats du Q3 sont sortis. J’ai survolé rapidement.

Légère baisse de revenus (on peut dire status quo) mais ils ont enfin réussi a réduire la perte du trimestre (un pas dans la bonne direction) et la dette s’efface graduellement. La situation financière (argent en banque) reste précaire…


La perte au niveau des flux de trésoreries est de seulement $11-12k par mois ($35k pour le trimestre), ce qui est une belle amélioration. L’encaisse est basse, mais au moins la marge de crédit de $200k n’est pas encore utilisée, ce qui laisse un peu de flexibilité.

Bien qu’il n’y aura rien de facile, j’aime les probabilités que Steve réussisse à fermer son acquisition de LoyalMark et atteigne la profitabilité avant de manquer d’argent.

Divulgation: Toujours actionnaire!


Ackroo achieves 11% year over year growth and reduces operating losses to less than $5,000 per month


effectivement, c’est dans la bonne direction. l’année 2018 pourrait être intéressante


J’espérais un peu mieux au niveau des ventes, historiquement Q3 a été supérieur à Q2. Les coupures y sont peut être pour quelque chose
J’ai hâte d’en savoir plus sur l’éventuelle acquisition on parle quand même de possiblement doubler la taille de la compagnie. La croissance organique reste faible et cette acquisition leur permettrait d’atteindre une masse critique.
Avez vous des infos à ce sujet ?
Je suis long actionnaire.


Ackroo signs definitive agreement to acquire the assets of KESM Transaction Solutions Inc. and LoyalMark LLC
Ackroo finalizes terms to acquire assets of Toronto based Rewards Provider

OTTAWA, ON–(Marketwired - November 15, 2017) - Ackroo Inc. (TSX VENTURE: AKR) (OTC PINK: AKRFF) (the “Company”), a gift card, loyalty and rewards technology and services provider, and KESM Transaction Solutions Inc. (“KESM”) along with their US affiliate, LoyalMark LLC (“LoyalMark”), are pleased to announce that they have signed a definitive agreement under which Ackroo will acquire the loyalty rewards business operated by KESM and LoyalMark in Canada and the US. KESM, and its affiliate LoyalMark, offer a value added gift card and loyalty rewards platform to a range of large and small retail merchant clients. The combined business will support over 4,000 locations and is projected to generate approximately $5,000,000 in revenue and between $700,000 and $900,000 in positive EBITDA in 2018 alone.

Under the terms of the acquisition, Ackroo will acquire the LoyalMark software and hardware platform and all related customer contracts. In consideration for the acquisition, the Company will issue 35,800,000 common shares and will complete two cash payments totaling $200,000 to KESM. The first $100,000 payment due within 5 days from the signing of the definitive agreement and the final $100,000 payment due on or before April 1st 2018. The common shares issued in connection with the acquisition are subject to a statutory hold period ending four months and one day after issuance. Completion of the acquisition remains subject to the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange, which is expected to close within 30 days.

“We are very excited to have come to final terms with the ownership team at KESM/LoyalMark,” commented Steve Levely, Chief Executive Officer of Ackroo. “We have known for some time the value of combining the entities together and with Ackroo now firmly stabilized and structured for even greater growth it became the perfect time to consolidate so that we can scale together. We are thrilled to gain technology advancement, a great portfolio of small and large clients in both the US and Canada, as well as add key talent to the organization. Most importantly the combined companies will generate a significant amount of profit for the business allowing us to continue down our path of consolidating and simplifying the segment while putting us ahead of our goal of supporting 10,000 + locations by 2022.”

“Joining Ackroo is a great win for our customers and our staff,” commented Mike Sorbara, President of KESM/LoyalMark. “We have spent the last 16 years successfully building out our business in order to establish ourselves as a market leader in the segments we serve. We are very happy with what we have accomplished and have been looking for ways to take our business to the next level. The opportunity to combine with Ackroo was the answer we were looking for as Steve and his team will introduce many additional products and services to our clients and in turn Ackroo will be able to leverage our technology and team to become the dominant provider we have been striving to be. A big win for everyone involved.”


J’ai acheté des actions ce matin. À 0.08$, Ackroo se transige à 1.3x les revenus avec 70% récurrents et des marges brutes de 75%. Habituellement, les compagnies SaaS se transigent à 4-6x les ventes.